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Bored me? Yep.

Ok, so I finished school (with honors) last December. I was supposed to start university this Feb., but my dad got really sick last year (lung cancer, he's better, thanks for asking) and he had to move to another city with my mom for two months to get medical treatment. Results: I couldn't get my applications for university and right now I'm stuck at home. My friends are studying right now or too far away to go visit. However, they're really busy. What do I do? I wake up every single morning, get breakfast and watch some TV or go right to the computer. What else? Whatever comes. Like three weeks ago, I went with the choir I belong to to Cartagena to this presentation. Or like tomorrow, which is my birthday. My friends are coming and I plan to spend a great time. What am I doing today? I'm painting the walls of the living room and posting this in LJ.
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