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Bored? read comics...

Yeah here's my contribution to all you bored people out there... get addicted to web-comics like me... I read or have read all of these comics and have many on my computer's hardrive... go ahead become a web-comic addict like me... youve got no life anyway so why resist? heh

(Complete): means the comic is no longer being updated but its story was completed
(Hibernating): means for comic is no longer being updated but as some point will be recontinued
(-): no bracketed comment means that the comic is being updated regulary still
(Incomplete): this means the comic is no longer updated and wasnt completed
(*Keenspot): hosted by Keenspot, T H E comic hoster
(*Aniverse): hosted by aniverse, a small anime hoster Roomies From Hell - college comic - weirdos/mutants(*Keenspot) - Gaming comic, focus - macs, ie IMac - Furry style comic based in England violence galore (*Keenspot) of Cats - Fantasy comic - Witchcraft/Wiccan and Were-creatures (*Keenspot) Protection Fault - Programmers/Sci-Fi - Life of a small web-company (*Keenspot) Walky/Roomies - Scifi comic - Also contains (Complete) Roomies (*Keenspot) & Violence - Sci-Fi/Action comic - Gratutous violence and sex galore (Hibernating) (*Keenspot) Average - College comic - One of the few comics without Sci-Fi (*Keenspot)! - Fan comic - A comic aimed at trekkies or collectors (*Keenspot) Explotation Now - Manga/Anime comic - the BEST comic ive ever seen written by Michael Poe (Complete) (*Keenspot) Story - Manga/Anime - Good comic written by Poe check it out (*Keenspot) Thing Jake - College/Sci-Fi comic - Using a story book style with comics and writing he creates a unique style (*Keenspot) Jesus - Sci-Fi comic - Straaaaaaaaaaaaaaange and thats coming from me (*Keenspot) Home - School comic - a comic i read when i was desperate (*Keenspot)
www.hookedoncomics/Spooner - Marriage comic - another desperation read (*Keenspot) Mercenary - Sci-Fi comic - centered on a group of space mercenaries (*Keenspot) - Pub Comic - too difficult to explain, starts off shite but gets HEAPS better Tokyo - Anime/Manga - very good comic about two guys stuck in Tokyo (*Aniverse) - Dating/Office comic - very funny comic based in England (Complete) (*Keenspot) - College/Office comic - Created by the maker of Bobbins very similar
// Otaku - Anime/Manga comic - Okay comic newly started (*Aniverse*
// Candy - Anime/Manga comic - Good comic almost a spinoff of Mega-Tokyo
// - College comic - Desperation comic Arcade - gaming comic - very popular out there gaming comic Life - gaming comic - sega/pepsi/claymore obssessed gaming comic Waffles - cult comic - Very strange, very humourous comic (Complete) (*Keenspot)
http:\\\Demonology 101 - demon comic - Comic about a demon child going through highschool
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